‘He who is wise…’


100 Words: After turning forty many moons ago, I looked forward to tapping into the wisdom of ‘my elders’. I thought I would be learning things from the grey heads to apply to my life and maybe dodge making unnecessary mistakes. And by following their advice, I aimed to make good decisions taking me forward and becoming a ‘wise elder’ myself – who can mentor others when needed. But alas, I was disappointed by being surrounded by older people with pessimistic mindsets and negative things to say about every subject under the sun. I made a choice then to be different one day.

Under 10 Words Takeaway: Seek wisdom. Be the difference.

Blessed is the man who has found wisdom, and the man who gets understanding. (Proverbs 3:13 – Bible)

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© 2022  Fielies De Kock

Fielies De Kock is a freelance content writer/blogger (www.fieliesdekock.com) living in Hermanus in the Overberg, South Africa, with her crazy-haired husband and two dogs. She authored a children’s chapter book and a few short reads and is co-author of 125 Creative Writing Prompts for Petrolheads (available on Amazon Kindle) with her content writer son – who also has crazy hair.

3 thoughts on “‘He who is wise…’

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  2. Bernhard Schwarz says:

    Thank you — this was a timey message to me today. Also liked the one where you wrote about contacting friends and not putting it off.


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