Learn on a Low Budget


While it might be beyond your physical abilities (read lack of finances) to get a higher education, you can still improve your knowledge and skills levels by means of self education. Here are few pointers for learning without having to spend money you don’t have.

Responsibility and Self-discipline. There are two aspects that go hand-in-hand when wanting to get ahead in life. Only you can take responsibility for yourself and your education. If you want to get somewhere in life and want to have success – whatever your definition of success is – you will need to have self-discipline.

Do the Hard Time. Without passing Grade 12 well, your chances of advancing in any career is very limited.

Bursaries. Companies and tertiary institutions give bursaries to good students, students from less privileged backgrounds, students who stood out in leadership positions, students excelling in sports or students being involved in uplifting community projects. Find out if you qualify for one of these.

Work while Studying. If bursaries don’t come your way, try getting in with a company where you will have the opportunity of working and studying simultaneously, while they are paying for your studies while you ‘work back’ for them. If that’s not possible, get work anyway and try to pay your way through it. Most tertiary institutions allow you to take only one or two subjects per year, which will make it cheaper to afford.

Interviews. A way of learning a lot about the market place is to apply for jobs so that you can be invited for interviews. This way you will learn what it is employers are looking for in prospects, while you practice your interview skills and stay up to date of the job market in general.

General Knowledge. Employers like people with a wide general knowledge, the ability to think for themselves and the capability to work independently. So, be creative and take initiative in your current job.

Take a ‘Gap’ Year. Do a year of community service, some kind of religion-driven service or ‘growth’ course or travel the world and work wherever you go – to pay for it. This way you do something useful and learn a bit about a lot and get life experience. You might also divide your year in periods and experience different jobs to learn as much as you can about what you like or dislike. This will help you to find your own strong and weak points, which might lead you to the job you want to do for the rest of your life.

Teach Yourself. Read books, read magazines and e-zines (electronic magazines) and do Internet research about everything you are interested in.

Visit Shows and Expo’s. Visit shows and expo’s and learn about different jobs and subjects, take brochures and follow up the web addresses and contact information. Talk to the experts at the exhibitions and learn as much as you can while there.

Learn from Other People. Learn everything you can by asking people questions about their jobs and industries. Be sensitive though, not to be nosy and beware of asking improper questions.

Other Tips for Learning

–  Know yourself.

–  Find your purpose.

–  Envision your dreams.

–  When you lose a dream, get a new one.

–  Get a mentor.

–  Learn from your own and other people’s failures. Most ‘successful’ people had quite a few failures before they became successful.

–  Never give up.

–  And never ever stop learning.

© 2013 Riëtte de Kock

I am trying hard to be a Proverbs 31-woman – excellent wife, finest mom, greatest lover and successful entrepreneur and freelance writer all at the same time! I share a living space in Pretoria, South Africa with my husband, son, mother, four dogs and sometimes the neighbours’ cats – and my head with way too many ideas and multitudes of story characters.

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