Spoil the Petrolhead in your Life with a Unique Creativity Boosting Gift in 2022

Spoil the car enthusiast in your life with a unique gift – just because it is the beginning of a new year. 125 Creative Writing Prompts for Petrolheads is the first writing prompts book completely dedicated to creative writing prompts about cars.

It is ideal for:

• Motoring journalists to boost thinking-out-of-the-box creativity and to get new ideas for articles.

• Teachers to add some fun to writing exercises in the classroom.

• Writers of any genre who use prompts for relaxation or for challenging creative abilities.

• Anyone who wants to boost their creativity.

• Gifts for car lovers.

The book includes information on free writing and on how to use writing prompts. 125 Creative Writing Prompts for Petrolheads is available in paperback and as an eBook on Amazon Kindle Books. Rev up your creativity with anything from memory-inspired nostalgic prompts to outlandishly silly ones. Purchase a copy for yourself and/or a petrolhead in your life now.

A few prompts from the books

#4 Write a traffic report in New York in 2077 where electric buses, trams, taxis, flying hybrid cars and pedestrians on ‘Segway’-like vehicles are all competing to transport the city’s inhabitants.

#22 Transcribe the dialogue of a heated conversation you overhear between a 1964 and a 2019 Ford Mustang.

#31 Write down the titles and plots for your planned series of nine action movies featuring cars as main caractors (car actors).

#33 I will never forget that feeling when I sat behind the steering wheel of a real car for the first time…

(The words ‘fast’, ‘furious’, ‘need’ and ‘speed’ may not be used at all in the titles.)

#10 A hire car (that little blue Toyota Corolla Auris) finally has its say when it is the host of the TV program ‘The Roast of Jeremy Clarkson’.

#44 Write an advertisement (performed by cars) advertising chargers for electric cars.

#71 Write down the conversation four car friends (names, makes and models) have as they watch a re-run of the launch of Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster into space.

#96 Write a world-first automobile review about the first mass produced car, the 1908 Ford Model T.

#120 You are giving your eighteen-year-old petrolhead daughter advice on buying her first car. Write down the dialogue (including your issues about safety and all her passionate counter arguments about speed, power and fun).

About the Authors:

Fielies De Kock and Michael De Kock is a mother-and-son team who collaborated for the first time on this book. Both are bloggers. Michael is an automotive content writer and passionate about cars. Fielies likes blue ones.

© 2022 Fielies De Kock