Passion is a Built-in Thing

100 Words: I absolutely love writing. I started ‘writing’ before I could even read. I don’t have the most creative imagination, but I do have one and I use it to write stories, articles and blog posts. I don’t make a lot or even enough money with my scribbles and I had too many rejections through the years. This blog is read only by a faithful few, but I keep writing, because I don’t know how to stop. And although I would love to be rewarded for it, reward is not what drives me. Passion is. I write because I have to.

Under 10-words Takeaway: What is your passion and how do you practice it?

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Fielies De Kock is a freelance content writer/blogger ( living in Hermanus in the Overberg, South Africa, with her crazy-haired husband and two dogs. She authored a children’s chapter book and a few short reads and is co-author of 125 Creative Writing Prompts for Petrolheads (available on Amazon Kindle) with her content writer son – who also has crazy hair.

4 thoughts on “Passion is a Built-in Thing

  1. […] Read my previous 100-word Pondering here. […]


  2. Ena says:

    Ek het die storie iewers gehoor:

    3 guys answered the question about their passion – they loved planting roses…

    When asked what was so special about it, the first answered: “I just love digging in the fresh soil. It smells like new life. And planting a rose there, is just awesome.”

    The second answered: “I love roses. The colours and the fragrance. Planting another make me dream about new flowers”.

    The third was asked and answered: ” I love the company when working in the rose garden. The social contact with other like-minded ones, energizes me”.

    So… what is it about writing?

    Vir my is dit ‘n ‘witness’ dat gedagtes, gesprekke, gebeure; en wat in my hart omgaan, belangrik is. It grounds me in the present, for the future and even into eternity. Some angels are assigned as scribes…
    En soms is dit soos skilder – met woorde op ‘n ander se hart.
    Jip, I don’t know how to stop.
    Ena ‘deKlerk’


    • WOW, Ena, wat ‘n storie! Jip, jy as skilder en skribbeler (ek glo nie daar is so ‘n woord nie) verstaan. Ons skryf al van ver af saam, ek en jy. Wens ons kon saam koffie.
      To me, writing is co-creating with our heavenly Father. What a privilege!


      • Ena says:

        Co-creating… Like with those 3 guys, digging even deeper… had a memory surface last night of thé DEEP. What is it you want to create? What is the Deeper passion of a passion?

        Nicolas Wilton talks about first being fully connected to what (WHO- (my own version)) inspires you. Sela

        Then translating ‘it’ into what you create. Sela

        In feeling like coming of age only at this time in life, one has to work hard developing your message- THE message that becomes legacy. The message trumpeting into eternity where Scribe angels even write it down.

        Where it is treasure to the King.

        Be blessed. Co-create with even greater clarity and passion.


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