Movie Review: Elysium


For someone who actually hates sci-fi movies, I enjoyed this one too much. It is the second Neil Blomkamp movie that I watch against my will and the second one I have to admire. I watched District 9 out of pure patriotism, because Blomkamp is South African born and although I didn’t like the movie very much, I was very impressed with everything that was accomplished.

Elysium is the story about an earth which had known its best days and an alternative habitat that was created by and for the rich. On earth things really can’t get any worse. There is famine, crime, sickness and poverty, while on Elysium all that is eliminated by an euphorically created world without all that. Every house on Elysium has a ‘medical reconstructing bed’ which fixes all illness – a commodity very much coveted by earth dwellers, who would do anything to go there. Those who make it (illegally) suffer the consequences practices by the cruel rulers.

As always, Matt Damon, delivers an excellent performance, but it is the antagonist, with his very disturbing accent, played by Charlto Copley, who stole the show. (Maybe it is just because he is South African and I am patriotic and he swears using the double ‘k’, middle ‘a’ word and sings the whole Jan Pierrewiet song in Afrikaans to sooth a child, but anyway…)

Elysium is definitely watchable – even if you aren’t a sci-fi fan like me. The story line is great and the whole movie is a creative explosion.

I know the ‘medical reconstruction bed’-thingie is so far-fetched, but I can’t help to dream about one to cure my ailments…

I give it: 4/5


Actors: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Charlto Copley

Age restriction: 16LV

Director: Neill Blomkamp

Writer: Neill Blomkamp



Parental Advice: Always keep to age restrictions.

Language: Swear words are uttered in various languages.

Nudity: Low.

Sex: Low.

Violence: Yip, there is.

Offensive Stuff: Copley’s terrible, disturbing accent and the swearing.


5/5 Don’t miss! Do whatever to go and watch it!

4/5 Good, watchable, but it may have something to put someone off, or may just not be your cup of tea.

3/5 OK, but if you have something else to do, reconsider and watch it when it comes out on DVD or on TV.

2/5 Pff, why would they waste time to make it and why would you waste your time and money?

1/5 Don’t even bother. You have to be paid to watch this and then be recompensed for your time.

0/5 Need I waste words?

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